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We always have a great collection of hand selected African Folk Art, 
gorgeous Sterling Silver jewelry, and the best scarf collection,
 here are just a few of our favorites.
Something new and wonderful arrives each day so come on in to our
 Pike Place Market store to see our latest treasures.
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USA Today, Dec 2008

"10 Great Places to Shop For Stocking Suffers"

In the Pike Place Market,

one of the most exciting places

to find yourself in Seattle,

is this global store.
You'll  find handcrafted finger cymbals from India, Sri Lankan stuffed animals and Zulugrass necklaces from Africa.

The store, in business for 26 years, does extensive work with women's co-ops. A wide range of fair trade accessories, from handbags to scarves, as well as authentic African folk art are also sold here.

March 2010
'10 great places to shop for stocking stuffers.'
USA Today, Dec 08

Nov-Dec 08

Commemorative Ornament and Market Charms were featured in the Seattle PI, Life and Arts section Thursday November 29th.